The 7 Experiment – Reflections on Spending

As you’ve probably guessed by now, my energy around this 7 Experiment is waning, and waning greatly. This week’s focus was on spending, and the idea was to only spend our money in seven places. If we had been doing it for a month, like Jen did, I can see how this might be a challenge, but honestly, I could spend money at maybe only two places in a given week: the gas station and the grocery store. Add to that that this week included a pay day and bill paying, and I just wasn’t up for the mental gymnastics required to make online bill pay a single payee.

What this week did do, as the rest of these weeks have done, is to invite me to pay attention to the choices that I often make unconsciously. In the Church, we often say in that a budget is a moral document, which is true. It is perhaps more true in a household budget than it is in the parish.

The final week – Stress

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