Can Anything Good Come From…

As I type this, the United States House of Representatives has about 15 minutes left in the debate on the Article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump which accuses the President of “Inciting an Insurrection.” I’ve listened in, here and there, to the debate. As a church politics wonk, I find myself longing for the countdown clock and automatic mute that we have in the House of Deputies. As a citizen, I find myself profoundly saddened. As a preacher, I find myself hearing the words of Nathanael repeated again and again, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”

Can anything good come from New York or California?
Can anything good come from Texas or Alabama?
Can anything good come from the left or from the right?

Discord, assumption making, and bigotry is nothing new in this world, and we know from experience that is hard earned, that nothing good comes hate. Nothing good comes from othering. Nothing good comes from ignoring the beam in our own eye while pointing out the speck in another. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to a ministry of reconciliation. This does not mean we’re all going to sit together and sing Kumbaya. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t accountable for the consequences of their actions. What it does mean is that we cannot assume that there is no good in one another. No one is beyond restoration. No one is outside the bounds of God’s love. When Jesus finally meets Nathanael, Jesus doesn’t assume him to be evil, but instead welcomes him into community, and to begin to work toward reconciliation. We are invited to do the same.

Can anything good come from… ?

The answer in Christ is always yes.

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