The Good Book Club


Beginning on Sunday, February 11th, Episcopalians around the globe will join with our Presiding Bishop in a journey through the Scriptures.  During the season of Lent, we will read the Gospel according to Luke.  Following that, we will read Luke’s second installment, the Acts of the Apostles during the Great 50 Days of Easter.  Various Episcopal organizations are taking part in the Good Book Club.  You can read more about who is offering what on the Resources page.  I will be joining the Club by engaging in the Acts 8 Movement’s weekly BLOGFORCE challenge.  Each week, the Acts 8 Movement will present a question on a particular theme or issue in the readings that may have implications for the church and society.  As such, during Lent and Easter, I will be dedicating one day of blogging to the Good Book Club.  I invite you, dear reader, to join in as well, as together, we read the Scriptures and grow in faith.


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