Standby or Fast Pass?

Thanks to the generosity of my Father-in-Law and the willingness of my parents to keep SBC for a week, SHW, FBC, and I recently enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  There is one other person who needs to be thanked as well, and that is our Disney Travel Consultant, Reynolds.  Without her help, we would have made a trip to Orlando, but there is no way we would have enjoyed it.  It was through her wisdom that we were able to discern the best way through the parks, avoiding, as much as possible ridiculous wait times like this

and this.

The key to unlocking the magic of Disney is knowing how to use the FastPass+ system.  As I’m doing my research for my Advent 2 sermon, I’m beginning to think that maybe Isaiah 40 and Mark 1 invite us to unlock the mystery of the Kingdom of God with our own FastPass system, by engaging in the Kingdom of God.

David Lose, in his weekly column, Dear Partner in Preaching, puts it this way:

“So perhaps, Dear Partner, the question to put to our people this week is what kind of waiting do they want to do?  Sure, they can sit around and wait for Christmas, or Christ’s return, for that matter.  Or they can get in the game, see how they can spend their time, energy, wealth, and lives making a difference right now… God is continuing the story of the good news of Jesus in and through our words and actions and each of us will have a hundred and one opportunities this very week to contribute to that sacred story, to make it come alive, to help God keep God’s promises here and now.”

Do we want to spend 80, 90, or 100 years just sitting around, waiting for God to come and fix the mess humanity has created?  Wouldn’t we rather be about the work of Kingdom building, the work of comfort, the work of restoration, the work of pointing to Jesus as the redeemer of all things?  Do we want to wait standby for the Kingdom or would we rather utilize the FastPass God has given us: skills, abilities, money, and other resources to fulfill the prayer that Jesus taught us and bring the Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven?


3 thoughts on “Standby or Fast Pass?

  1. Did you know that your travel consultant grew up at St. John’s, Decatur? She’s one of my favorite people, and I hear wonderful reviews about her work.

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