Two or Three in the Age of Social Media

Today has been a long day, and it is not yet over.  It has been a long day, but it has been a good day.  This morning, my Rector, mentor, colleague, and friend, TKT underwent surgery to remove a mass on his right lung.  At the beginning of the day, there was much uncertainty: would the initial biopsy show cancer; could the mass be removed; would they find anything else once they were in here; was he healthy enough to withstand a lobectomy or would they have to do a full pneumonectomy?

In the five weeks since the initial realization that something was in his lung that should be, there have been a lot of people praying for TKT, but last night, when he posted on Facebook about today’s events, thanks to the power of social media hundreds and thousands of people were praying.  And to think, Jesus set the bar at only two or three.  As we gathered in the pre-op waiting room this morning, the family and I recounted where the prayers were coming from: Alabama, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky, even California and everywhere in between.  Despite all of the uncertainty this morning, there was a peace in that room, the sort of peace which “surpasses all understanding.”  The sort of peace that comes when two or three are gathered with a whole cloud of witnesses around the globe and Jesus is in their midst.

The surgery turned out better than expected.  No cancer in the initial biopsy allowed them to go for the more invasive surgery.  Only the top lobe of the right lung had to be removed, and by 3 o’clock he was sitting up, awake and alert with morphine pump in hand.  Thanks be to God for a long, but good day; for faithful friends; for ongoing prayers; and that Jesus keeps his promise to be present when 2 or 3 or 300 or 3000 are gathered together.

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