The LORD Restores My Soul

Sorry for being less than stellar in blogging this week. I’ve got a good excuse, though any excuse is a bad one. So, I guess I’ve got a good bad excuse. I’ve spent the last 3 days at Bexley-Seabury on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Seminary with members of the Acts 8 Moment Steering Committee. We worked hard: we listened and learned, we prayed together, we shared meals and fellowship time, and we decided on some specific action items to be announced soon. As I sit in the Columbus airport, waiting for my plane to arrive, I am exhausted and my brain hurts, but I feel as if my soul has been restored.

There is a lot to complain about in The Episcopal Church these days. I won’t rehearse that list here because a) it depresses me, b) I don’t want it to depress you, and c) this is blog read by many non-Episcopalians. Suffice it to say, there is a lot wrong in The Episcopal Church, but the last three days have minded me that if I’m placing my trust in the Church as an institorution, it will let me down. Instead, I, we, are called to put our trust in the LORD, the Good Shepherd, who encourages me to rest in the green pastures, helps me pay attention to the still waters, and restores my soul.

The great part of this Good News from Psalm 23, is that it applies to every frustration life can through our way, every valley of the shadow of death that we stumble upon. God’s goodness sustains us in the midst of illness, job loss, institutional dysfunction, familial strife, finals week, you name it. When we are able to remember in the midst of those difficulties that the LORD is there, we are then able to tap into God’s restorative grace.

I’m thankful for three days to be reminded of my deep frustration with the Church that I love so that the LORD could restore my soul.


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