Welcome Text Week Readers

I am honored to have earned a spot on the regular roster of The Text This Week resources.  If you’ve landed here from there, thank you for clicking over.  My goal is to blog Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so if you’re here early in the week, check back.  Be sure to comment if you have thoughts, and sign up for email updates.

–The Rev. Steve Pankey


One thought on “Welcome Text Week Readers

  1. I grew up in PA so your sermon hit close to home. I am a communicant at St Paul’s Daphne & have met you before & heard your sermons. Today’s was particularly relevant & brought together a lot of which I have been struggling with the last several months. You prompted me to remember that it is pretty simple after all—love God love neighbor. All the other is just “stuff.” Thanks very much.
    I know this diocese misses you & your “girls” very much. Pray that all is well with you in KY.

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