John Talbert’s Elevator Pitch

John doesn’t have a blog or a Facebook Page and he doesn’t Tweet, so I’m posting his beautiful elevator pitch here at DT.  I’ll post yours too, if you’d like, just email it to me steve at saintpaulsfoley dot com

Hi. I’d like to know your name, and I’d like you to know mine, but before I ask – I’d like to tell you why. This might be my only chance to ask you, to learn a bit about you, and think about the kind of impact we could have on each other – and on other people around us, you know – if we worked together.

You see, I’m part of a team that’s made up of all kinds of people from all kinds of places – so many places that we’ve all never met in the same space, even though we all work together. We believe that the work we do is great enough and broad enough that everyone we meet has an import role in doing it. That’s why we meet new people, like you – and share our name.

Our team has leaders, even national leaders – but everyone knows we are equally important, and no matter what skills we have to bring to the team, that there is good work for us to do, important work – that is right for us to do.

We all follow the example of one man, who showed us a long time ago the best way to meet new people, and he even started some of the work that we are still doing – and taught others how to know what kind of work we should be doing. His name is Jesus Christ, and my team is called the Episcopal Church.

I’m John, What’s your name?



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