The 7 Experiment – Reflections on Possessions

I failed the possessions experiment.  Part of the reason I didn’t do much this week is that I don’t really care about possessions.  As I mentioned last week, I’m cheap, so when I do actually buy something for myself, I use it and abuse it until it is worn out.  Whether it is our 2003 Honda CR-V, a clergy shirt, or a laptop computer, replacing it is not an option until it cannot be salvaged.  I had plans for this week, of course.

I had hoped to follow up on the clothing week by taking stock of all that I do have and eliminating the excess, the tattered, the stained, the should no longer be worn even in the comfort of my own home.  I still plan to do that, but (here comes excuse number 2) life is just too hectic to be sorting through my drawers.  I had planned on taking stock of the copious amount of books in my office.  I wanted to actually think about what books I will continue to use in my ministry, what books I’ve purchased or received that I will never actually read, and what books could be used by someone else.  I still plan to do that, but refer back to excuse number 2.

The truth of the matter is that I didn’t care much about the week on possession and so I didn’t take the time or put forth the effort to engage it much.  Maybe I’ve been so brainwashed by Madison Avenue that my excess of stuff doesn’t bother me, except when we moved last year and I was actually embarrassed by the amount of stuff we have as a family.  Maybe even in my nickle-nosery, I’m just as tied into the game as everybody else.  That is surely possible, but what struck me this week more than anything else is how priorities affect decision making.  Possessions are not a priority for me and so rifling through them went to the bottom of the list.  I think I’m OK with that, even if it means I failed possessions week in The 7 Experiment.

Back to tough stuff this week, Media.  Facebook and Twitter notifications are turned off, so if you want to comment on a post this week, do it here so I can see it.

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