Post No. 1,500!

According to the good people at WordPress, this post is number 1,500 in the life of Draughting Theology.  Somehow, over the course of the last seven years and four months, I’ve found 1,500 things to write about.  Thanks be to God that the Scriptures are living and active so that there is always something new to say about God’s ongoing self-revelation in and with and through each of us.

I realized this feat late yesterday afternoon and asked my Facebook friends if they had any suggestions for the big post.  Mostly, they were smart alecks, suggesting topics they knew would get me riled up, but I’ve decided to address all of their challenges quickly today before moving on to a more serious post.

  • Thoughts on the Oxford Movement? – In its original intent as a holiness revival with the Church of England, I can find not fault with the Oxford Movement, but as is always the case, the second and third generation took it to an extreme that its founders probably never imagined.  So Oxford Movement – generally good.  2nd Generation Ritualism – bad.
  • Low Churchman’s Guide to Anglicanism – Read the 1549 Prayer Book and notice what Cranmer was trying to do before the influences of the mainland ruined the 1552 iteration.
  • 1,500 more – I will with God’s help.
  • Free Will or whether pets go to heaven – nope, not gonna get sucked in.
  • Video Blog – I don’t like the sound of my own voice on our sermon podcasts, ain’t no way I’m gonna video tape myself.
  • A Satirical High Churchman’s guide to the low church celebration of communion – that would be fun, but the target market is quite small.
  • Scrabble – it goes with the header – A little known fact about me is that I was a member of the Scrabble Club in High School.  I was terrible at it then and still am now, but it was as silly a club as any for all of my friends to sign up for en masse.
  • 24 hours of glory and praise in the middle of the muck – leave it to my Rector to offer a serious challenge, I’ll come back to this in a moment.
  • When are you going to write your *expletive* book – I’m guessing never, I just don’t see anyone paying to read what I have to say.  The truth of the matter is that I would write this blog even if nobody read it.  It has become a part of my spiritual discipline.  When I miss my four posts a week, as I’ve done often recently, I notice it.  Life isn’t the same if I’m not engaged in reading and writing on the Scriptures.  I’m doubly blessed that a handful of you read this thing each day, that you keep me accountable to write, and that you pray for me when I’m absent.  Thank you.

Now, back to TKT’s challenge: 24 hours of glory and praise in the middle of the muck.  I feel like maybe this is how I can begin to understand how Jesus would be so bold as to leave the 99 behind in order to find one lost sheep.  Every time my phone has rung recently it has been either bad news or an expensive fix or both.  Moving in to a brand new house should have been a joyful experience, but instead it has been one headache after another.  So today, thanks to Keith’s challenge, I’m leaving the 99 problems behind to seek after that one bit of good news: God loves me and cares for me and is walking with me.  Who knows, by the end of today, maybe heaven will rejoice as I once again turn from my sin of worry and stress and frustration and self-centeredness and return to the fold of God’s presence.  It all starts with thanksgiving.

So thank you dear reader for being a part of my life.

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