The Posture of Worship

New in the Pew (c) 2007 The Church Pension Group

This cartoon hangs behind me in my office, and it came to mind every time I read through the Gospel lesson for Sunday.  I can’t get out of my mind how the change in posture of the woman bent double changed everything about how she saw the world, but most especially, how she approached the Lord her God in worship.

Luke tells us that when she finally stood straight, for the first time in 18 years, her reaction was to praise God.  Liturgically, this makes sense since standing is the traditional posture of praise.  For 18 years, the woman was bound to a posture of reverence and penitence, but on this day, she was able to stand up straight and claim the fullness of who God made her to be.

In The Episcopal Church, we do all sorts of stuff with posture: Episcopal calisthenics, we call it; but do we give any real thought to how our  posture affects our relationship with God?

One thought on “The Posture of Worship

  1. I was a Baptist for 19 yrs, a Methodist for over 30 yrs, and have been a confirmed Episcopalian for 6 yrs. Fortunately my church put all the scripture, hymns, and liturgy in one very nice bulletin, which we turned back for re-cycling. It eliminated the fumbling and shuffling, and gave us time to think about worship. The older folks missed the BCP but we new members appreciated having the service simplified. We also appreciated the variety of music: traditional hymns for beginning and end, with some more contemporary music in the transitions. To a new member, the old traditional 8 verse hymns are unsingable for all but the trained musician. .

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