What is your Treasure?

It is a famous saying.  So famous, that we often forget where it came from, but it was Jesus who said, “Where your treasure is, there year heart will be also.”  It has been the source of a myriad of myriad sermons on stewardship.  It is such a powerful saying because it is so very true.  This morning, however, I’d like to suggest changing the question this proverb implies.  Rather than asking, “where is your treasure?”  I believe we should be asking, “What is your treasure?”  It seems to me that the answer to that question will tell you where it is stored and, therefore, where one’s heart lies.

Let me give you a rather off-the-wall example.  Last weekend was an extremely busy one in both personal and professional commitments.  In order to go everywhere I was supposed to go and do everything I was supposed to do, I knew that I’d have to burn the candle at both ends.  I took on the challenge, banking on a post-church nap while SHW and FBC went back-to-school shopping and the SBC took her nap.  As silly as it might sound, my treasure this weekend was a Sunday afternoon nap, and when SBC didn’t cooperate I spent most of Sunday and all of Monday in a downright crummy mood.  Moth and rust can destroy, but sometimes a one-year old thief can steal your treasure away.

It is a silly example, to be sure, but I think we often get so bogged down on the idea that our treasure has to be money that we can justify this lesson out of our lives by saying, “Oh, I’m not worried about that.”  The truth of the matter is, we all have treasures, or perhaps better said, idols, that distract us from the Kingdom of God.  Maybe your searching after prestige, position, or power.  Maybe your treasure is your children and their accomplishments.  Maybe your treasure is going to heaven when you die.  Jesus challenges us to take as our treasure the Kingdom of God as it is manifest in his life and ministry.

What is your treasure?


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