I may or may not write a post of my own today, so if you are looking for something to read via DT, check out my friend and colleague, Anthony MacWhinnie’s post on Palm Sunday.

Lay down your nets...


Palm Sunday always reminds me of just how cool Jesus is.  You know… In that too cool for school sorta way…

I did not grow up calling it “The Sunday of the Passion” or “Passion Sunday” or whatever it is we’re supposed to call it these days.  It was Palm Sunday.  Period.

Yes, yes, we did try to fit the whole of the Holy Week schedule into one Gospel reading, just like we do now.  Yes, we did try to do too much that day, just like we do now.  And yes, it is a nod to those who can’t, or won’t, participate fully in the Holy Week schedule.  Please feel guilty right now if that is you.  I’m talking to you, Mr. “I Only Go to Church on Sundays.”  This is the week to branch out.  Live a little.  Taste and see that the Lord is good, or…

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