Wasting Soil

Sometimes, life in the Pankey household is nothing more than a series of quotes from Chris Farley and David Spade movies from the mid-90s.  One of our favorite phrases comes from Tommy Boy.

 You no selling waste of space!  I swear to God you’re worthless.
See 51 seconds into this clip

We mean it with love an affection, of course, but I chuckled to myself this morning as I read this Sunday’s Gospel lesson, imagining Jesus doing his best David Spade impression during the parable of the fig tree.

It got me thinking about two sides of the same coin: the ways in which I squander the gifts God has entrusted to my care and God’s amazing patience.  There are myriad reasons and excuses why I don’t live fully into God’s dream for me: fear, laziness, envy, pride, ennui, and perceived scarcity; just to name a few, but thanks be to God, he hasn’t yet cut me off at the knees and thrown me into the burn pile.

Not that I don’t deserve it.  Not that you don’t deserve it either.  We all do our fair share of blame shifting and ignoring.  We all, from time to time, turn and run like Jonah did.  We all, from time to time, misinterpret the call like Saul did.  We all, from time to time, hold back like Ananias and Saphirra did.  We all, from time to time, ignore God’s work, like Peter did.  As Paul wrote to the Romans, “all fall short of the glory of God.”  The good news, both in scripture and in Tommy Boy, is that patience and persistence pays off.  For us, the best news is that it isn’t about our patience or persistence, but rather God’s.

God waits on us.  He works the soil.  He tends the crops.  He allows us time to mature and grow.  He knows that we are not worthless.

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