God of Abundance

Maybe I’m just in a good temper this week, but I’m feeling really good about all the lessons appointed for this Sunday. I love the 1 Corinthians lesson.  The Collect has a great word: illumined.  And which of the 7 signs of Jesus in John is better than the water to wine miracle?  None, that’s which.

I love the whole story of the wedding at Cana.  I love that Mary takes an active role.  I love that Jesus isn’t sure of himself.  I love that it is about wine.  I love wine.  I love that it is about abundance.  My primary understanding of God is that He is the God of Abundance.  Out of abundant love, the Trinity poured forth creation.  Out of abundant grace, God the Son was sent to live and die as one of us.  Out of abundant mercy, Jesus rose from the dead.  God pours out His Spirit upon us with abundance, and for that, I am abundantly thankful.

Even when things seem scarce, we as disciples are called to live in the abundant nature of God’s love.

As the blog posts, I’m announcing to the small but faithful crowd at five15 that it will come to an end on February 6th.  I am sad about it.  But God is the God of Abundance, and he will provide beyond whatever temporal changes the calendar brings.  I appreciate your prayers as I discern what is next for those 5 hours each week.  And I’m grateful for all we’ve learned over the last two and a half years, for those five15 spin offs that are happening out there, and for the group of disciples who’ve walked with me through this experiment.


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