Preaching a more meaningful baptism

Preaching a more meaningful baptism

I’m home sick today.  My second sick day in 5.5 years.  The flu has infested our home, despite three of the four residents having bowed down to Big Pharm and received the flu vaccine.  I say this not to beg for prayers, we’ll be fine, but instead, I’m beating the flu drum as loud and as often as possible to set the preaching bar low for Sunday.  After all, I’ll just be coming back from the flu… ;-p

Instead of my own thoughts today, I’m passing along another great piece by The Rev. Dr. David Lose of on striking the balance this Baptism of our Lord Sunday between the text and the day.  Give it a read, it is well worth your time.


All of this is to say that when it comes to the annual debate about whether, on the Sunday of the Baptism of our Lord, to preach a sermon that “teaches about Baptism” or “just preaches the text,” I’ll opt for the former. Why? Because most of our people have little to no idea what Baptism is, why we do it, or why it continues to be of any importance in their lives.

Read the whole thing here.


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