Preaching Heaven

The lessons for All Saints, Year B, are just begging the preacher to preach on heaven.  Sales of Don Piper’s, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and that Heaven is for Real, book will probably sky-rocket this week as Mainline preachers scramble to have something to say about the New Jerusalem when they realize that all of their notes on Revelation 21 and Isaiah 25 are from funeral sermons.

While most people think of heaven as something like this:

the truth is, none of knows what heaven will be like.  Heck, none of us can really even know for sure the answer to the whole paradise, rest, heaven debate.  More on that some other day.

I don’t know what heaven will be like, but I sure do hope that Isaiah had it right and the banquet table is full of well-aged wines and rich food.  In fact, if pushed, I’d probably say that the heavenly banquet looks something like this:

It isn’t much of a start to a week of preaching, but it sure has me excited about what Sunday will bring.

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