A Prayer for Election Season

In a fitting end to last week’s series of posts on prayer, I was asked to offer the Invocation at yesterday’s Keep The Penny Rally in Foley.  I am the Chairman of the Board for the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at enhancing lives through programs and partnerships that enrich education, develop leadership and better our community.  The SBCF lives into this mission in various ways: through programs, tutoring, and advocating for students and teachers.  At a recent board meeting, we voted, unanimously, to support Baldwin County Amendment 2.

Here’s the thing.  I just don’t feel comfortable praying for my issue to win: I read Mark Twain’s short story, The War Prayer, too early in my life.  I do, however, believe strongly that our understanding of God and his will for our lives should inform the decisions we make, especially as we utilize our greatest privilege as citizens and vote.  So, with a big thank you to page 822 of the Book of Common Prayer, I humbly submit to you my prayer for this election season.

Almighty and most gracious God, you are the giver of all good gifts.  We gather together this afternoon thankful for the many gifts you have poured out upon us.  Thank you for the gift of freedom, by which we are able to help shape the direction of our cities, county, state, and nation.  Thank you for the gift of children, through whom we are able to shape future generations.by raising them to seek after you and your will.  Thank you for the gift of education, through which opportunities are forged and the cycle of poverty is broken.

We gather together this afternoon hopeful for the for the future.  We pray for wisdom and discernment as we head to the polls on November 6th.  We lift up to you all those who have put themselves forward for election, especially: Barack and Mitt, Paul and Joe, Bob and Roy, Twinkle and Lucy, and Tracy and Herndon. We pray for our community, that in voting on Baldwin County Amendment 2, we might take seriously your call to care for the least among us by making sure that every child: black, white, and latino; rich and poor; girls and boys might have the chance to receive a world class education at the hand of quality educators who are paid a fair wage, have reasonable class sizes, and know not the insecurities of the present age.

Finally, God our Father, teach us to rely on your strength and to accept our responsibilities to our fellow citizens, that we may elect trustworthy leaders and make wise decisions for the well-being of all people; that we may serve you faithfully in this generation and honor your holy Name: all this we ask through your Son our Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and Holy Spirit, one God, in glory everlasting.  Amen.

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