do you not care?

I’m sure I’ve written on this question from the disciples before, but since I’m writing on my phone where the search functionality is suspect, I guess I’ll just go ahead and write on it again.  Of course, my context has surely changed in the three years since we last had Mark’s version of the calming of the storm.

Three years ago, I was a brand new dad, with a single two month old at home.  Now, I’m a brand new dad again, with a three year old and a one month old.  Three years ago, the parish budget was the focus of most of vestry conversations.  Now, we talk of grrowth and opportunity.  Three years ago, my parish was pretty well convinced that I was on my way out.  Now, they’re pretty well convinced I’ll stay forever.  Now, I’m sitting in a living room in Sewanee, TN grateful for the chance to study for a DMin.

All this to say, that the question of the fearful disciples is not my question. At least not today. But it certainly is the question of many people in my life. Don’t you care that my child is struggling in school? Don’t you care that I’m six months behind on my mortgage? Don’t you care that my husband is dying? Don’t you care that the world is crashing down around me? Don’t you care Lord?

The storms of life can depart as fast as they arrive.  Sometimes they linger for what feels like eternity.  Sometimes blue skies are the order of the day.  Each of us approaches the Lord in very different stations in life, but his answer to each of us and to the individual storms of our lives is the same, “Peace.”


3 thoughts on “do you not care?

  1. Ah, but then there is that other question from the disciples: “Lo what manner of man is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” (Mt 8:27 and Mark 4:41).

    As a retired USCG officer who has spent many months at seas, that verse is very personal. And even when the winter storms of the North Atlantic were not calmed, I knew that He was holding our ship in His hands. If Jesus can calm the stormy seas, He can also calm the storms within our lives. And on those occasions when our personal storms do not seem to abate, He is still within us. Faith leads to peace.

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