to be known by God

After three straight weeks of preaching, I’m out of the pulpit this weekend, which means that I’m not doing my usual exegetical work this week.  Even though I haven’t read word one of the commentaries, blogs, and articles available for The First Sunday After The Epiphany, I can tell you the one thing that 90% of them will have in common.

They will all discuss the fact that in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, the pronouns lead us to believe that only Jesus sees the dove and hears the voice of God, while in Luke and John it seems to be a more public event (In John even moreso than in Luke).

A lot of ink and several gigabytes of information will be poured out on this subject, which, quite frankly doesn’t matter, except for the question it raises in my mind about what it means to “be known by God.”  In all three synoptic gospels, the Spirit of the Lord says something like, “This is my son, with whom I am well pleased.”  All three synoptics make it clear that Jesus is known and loved by God.  So, my question is, does it make a difference that only Jesus hears it in Matthew and Mark, while it seems maybe the crowd hears it in Luke?

Does our known-ness and beloved-ness of God need public confirmation?

I suppose there is no right answer to this question.  As senior Episcopal seminarians work on Day 2 of the General Ordination Exams, it seems clear that, at least according to the hierarchy of this church, some folks do require public confirmation of their calling, but does everyone?  Note here that I’m not asking if Christianity can be lived out in isolation, it can’t.  What I am saying, I suppose, is that our status as beloved children of God is set, whether or not those around us (especially those who would do us harm) believe it or not.

But, in case you need to hear it from an outside source, listen closely, “You are a known and loved by the God of all Creation.”


2 thoughts on “to be known by God

  1. Are Christians ever truly isolated? Not so sure even when isolated on islands-sometimes I feel so all alone-terrible feeling-yet many times I think of the Communion of Saints in all times and places-then am I really alone since Jesus is with me always?

  2. somehow, for some reason my 2nd comment didn’t post but this is one of my fav parts of the Bible-I see God here as a tender-hearted Father WELL PLEASED with His Son-This gives me “goose flesh” to think about – God presenting His Son and not just any Son but a Son He is Well Pleased With! WOW! God’s precious treasure-whether or not 2 people heard or everyone present the word is out, God has a Son that He is Well Pleased with and I’m sure that He wants everyone to know it-even now! I love to think of God like this-pleased with His Son-telling someone-reaching out to express His pleasure in His Son. IMAGINE! love to think of God this way-just love this announcement from God! Thanks God, thank You God, thank You God, for this Son – this Son You are Well Pleased With! Thanks God, thanks for this Beloved Son!

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