You can skip the part where he’s advertising for a specific brand of kosher salt, and just listen to the first 35 seconds to begin to understand just how important salt really is.

He doesn’t mention the key bit of information though, WITHOUT SALT WE DIE.

Now I know that many of us eat entirely too much salt, and I know that just yesterday the Feds lowered their recommended intake from 1 teaspoon to 1/2 for almost 50% of Americans, but never will they channel their inner Milton and say, “no salt.”

We need salt to survive, and Jesus says the Church needs salt too. But the salt of the Church is you and me. Some of us are the seasoning that spices up the life of faith. Some of us are the preserving agents that keep the Church from rotting at its core. Some of us are in the background, creating the electrical spark that allows the world to taste and see.


You are salt, Jesus says, now live into it.

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