the light shines in the darkness

And the darkness does not overcome it.

Don’t get me wrong, the darkness tried. Tried with everything it had. Tried to tempt the light by way of food, power, and (false) security. Tried to turn those who followed the light against it. Tried to snuff the light out by the power of human empires. For four centuries the darkness tried to keep the light hidden in catacombs and fear. For more than a millennium the darkness tried to convince the light’s followers that they were wrong, silly, ill-conceived. The darkness used infighting, heresy, wars, whatever it could to try to snuff out the light. Now the darkness is trying to convince the light that it is irrelevant; just another opiate for the masses. The darkness has done everything in its power to snuff out the light.

And the darkness did not overcome it.

The picture to the left is of an Epiphany station from five15. The Christmas light strands were dark, without bulbs, until the followers of the light showed up. Then, one by one, the bulbs were lit, the light grew, the darkness shrank, and God’s glory was revealed.

As the final preparations for Christmas commence. As bulletins get printed and sermons get written and family begins to arrive. As stress grows, as resentments bubble up, as the darkness creeps in. My prayer for you this Christmastide is for a confident reminder that there is a light shining in the darkness, and no matter how hard it tries, the darkness will never over come the light.

Merry Christmas dear readers, and a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year.

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