Advent is always hard for me

So are we supposed to go back and pretend it is before Jesus was born *or* is it a period of waiting until he comes again? If it isn’t the former – why can’t we sing Christmas Hymns? If it isn’t the latter – why do we grind our gears by starting our journey in Mark (Year B) in his little apocalypse?

I sat in on my Rector’s Sunday School class yesterday when at the end he took suggestions for the next few topics. “Paul,” someone said, “just Paul, his letters, his journeys, whatever.” “Revelation,” someone else suggested. “OK,” Keith answered, “Father Keith will teach a class on Paul and Father Steve will teach a class on Revelation.” Everybody laughed, or so I thought, until after the 10am service someone from that class said, “You’re the first priest to take on Revelation, I’m excited for it.” AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Maybe Mark 13 will be a good place to begin my personal study of the apocalyptic literature so that I’m reading in 10 or 15 years to “take on Revelation.”

Still, I just don’t get what we’re doing in Advent.

2 thoughts on “Advent is always hard for me

  1. Yes!It is, of course, Both/And!The fact that Advent is always hard for you is right where you should be. He has come, but has yet to come. A time of expectation, of hope, but also an awareness of what has already been done….I see it as a time to clear the decks, reset the hard drive, …. getting ready.Anyway, I don’t envy you taking on Revelation! That is a lot.Peace, Peter+

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