GOE Scores

Set 1: Liturgy and Church Music
Score – 3
The essay, which contains all of the requested elements, provides analysis of the prayers primarily through descriptive reference to them. A clear organizational strategy would further enhance the clarity of the presentation. The limited use of theological terminology inhibits the paper’s capacity to compare and contrast the two prayers.

Set 2: Church History
Score – 3
The paper responds in a generally satisfactory way to the requirements of the question. It accurately identifies three religious characteristics of the Crusades. It offers on theological justification for the enterprises and two examples of post-Reformation crusading actions.

Set 3: Christian Theology
Score – 3
While the answer demonstrates an adequate understanding of the theological issues associated with the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD), it confuses the Council’s work with that of the Council of Nicea (325 AD) and perhaps Constantinople (381 AD). The description of the contemporary importance of these issues reveals a perceptive appreciation of the need for Jesus to embody both a divine and human nature for the purpose of salvation.

Set 4: Contemporary Society
Score – 4
The major social concerns that erupt as a result of the mass migration of people are well addressed int his paper, revealing a depth of understanding about both the immediate and long-term impact on society. The Christian response is grounded in the Baptismal Covenant’s call to do justice in the pursuit of peace and to offer hospitality to the alien as referenced in Lev. 19. The example provided identifies an interfaith group of high school students who have organized their efforts to bring hope and essentials to those displaced in Darfur.

Set 5: Theory and Practice of Ministry
Score – 2
The paper’s imaginary scenario derails the purposeful discussion of the woman’s situation and appears to create a hostile attribution to those who are closest to her. The response suggests little sensitivity. The suggestion that the woman needs to re-evaluate her systematic theology is too cerebral and represents serious misjudgment. While the paper provides some evidence of self-awareness regarding assumptions, it lacks a fuller understanding of latent issues.

Set 6: Christian Ethics and Moral Theology
Score – 3
The essay presents a general Christian moral position on the appropriateness of lying that is ineffectual because it does not reveal the process underlying the argument. The use of scripture demonstrates an awareness of the way in which more than on perspective can be found there.

Set 7: Holy Scripture
Score – 4
This essay shares a candid and thoughtful approach to the use of Psalms 58 and 59 as Christian prayer by calling the reader to relate honestly with God. It displays a skillful application of the historical-critical method of biblical interpretation as well as referencing Child’s canonical criticism approach. Most notably, the essay offers a fresh perspective on the importance of coming before God, warts and all.

Well there they are. Fair enough I guess. Though the 2 in TPM leaves me wanting. I thought I had addressed the question as pastorally as possible while answering their question. Apparently, they didn’t want us to answer the question, for to do so would be a serious misjudgment. Oh well. The whole diocese is on clergy retreat, so I’ll have to wait to find out my penance for that section.

3 thoughts on “GOE Scores

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  2. Reminds me of my own three times needed to pass the Reformed Theology exam for ordination in the UPCUSA, now Presbyterian Church (USA) back in the mid-80’s! I had to learn the fine art of writing what they expected to hear (according to the guidelines written and shared with the exam readers by the theological muckety-mucks)… Sadly, this lesson followed as I waded thru Professional Military Education…

    Life is never as simple as the rule-makers or exam-writers make it appear 😉

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